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In this we aim to understand where you think the issues may be, what you hope to achieve and what data you already have.
Please provide a link to your company website prior to the appointment.

Data Analysis and Recommendations

It can be difficult to know where to start, or sometimes having started, where to go next. A review of your existing position will enable us to identify key actions and where to focus effort. Data Analysis takes your existing quantitative and qualitative data, including your current policies and any employee engagement survey you may have already completed, and allows a set of recommendations to be developed. Depending on the data available this step is likely to cost between £500 and £2500.

Employee Survey

The Employee Voice is a key part of uncovering your real culture and where your existing practices are excluding people. This is a valuable tool in identifying blind spots. We can provide and administer a survey for you, so your people can be very honest, knowing their individual responses will analysed by a third party. POA for this tailored option. 

Action Planning

Having completed data analysis, action planning takes the results and recommendations and turns them into an action plan which aligns with your Company Strategy. Prices start from £500.